SSSSSSSSSSSS (hiss it, don't say it)

Premiered at Swiss Sculpture Exhibition Biel-Bienne, Le Mouvement: Performing the City, 2014.
Solo performance, circa 45 min, set in public spaces

UPCOMING Performatik17, Kaitheater Brussels, March 2017

review: “…a sundown performance of the fantastically feverish SSSSSSSSSSSS (2014) by Lithuanian-born, New York–based Kira Nova.” Jennifer Krasinski, Artforum, 2014 September

What would happen if we were back in the food chain? Perhaps the public space then would be called the open space and our instincts for survival would need to be sharpened.

This is where SSSSSSSSSSSS begins – to challenge our ancestral memories of survival, the performer enters into a proto-anthropocentric state (based on Butoh techniques) in which the relationships between the body's senses and its surroundings are heightened. Eventually, the choreographic score starts to filter in, yet without loosing the thread with the core premise of the movement. The different parts of the score function as various survival modes, ranging from using the pelvic floor to survey the environment, to infantile seduction, to disorienting the passers-by by dancing through inner ear.


Concept, choreography & performanceKira Nova; Artistic advice, Movement development& Butoh training Vangeline. Production Swiss Sculpture Exhibition Biel-Bienne