Curated by Defne Ayas, Benjamin Cook, Kira Nova, Michael Portnoy.
Organized by the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius, 2012 08 24 – 09 09

The 11th edition of the Baltic Triennial of International Art took a turn to a more condensed format: a 12-day event focused exclusively on performance and film. Countering the tendency of biennials to be pluralist, all-encompassing multi-platforms, the curators have chosen to present the contributions of artists through a radically minimized vessel: a single human being.

Mindaugas, who has one of the most common Lithuanian male names (literally 'much fame' or 'one who has many ideas'), was the medium through which the artists channeled their works. He appeared each day throughout the Triennial, animated by different instructions, scripts, scenarios, and scores by the participating artists played out in the city of Vilnius or nearby surrounding areas.

Parallel to Mindaugas's daily activities was a program of films under the title Cinema of The Self that plaid in CAC Cinema Hall—a solipsistic cinema which consciously travels from 'it' to 'I' over the course of the day.

In the evening, while Mindaugas rested, the constellation of ideas he has embodied were transmuted by different solo performers and cinema-based events within a shifting stage environment called the Charismateria.
For more info see: http://www.cac.lt/mindaugas/en/
PICTURE TITLES (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) 1. Poster, designed by Goda Budvytyte and Simone Koller; 2. Ragnar Kjartansson; 3. Adam Kleinman; 4. Egle Budvytyte; 5. Michael Portnoy; 6. Tim Etchells; 7. Ragnar Kjartansson with Davíð Þór Jónsson; 8. Ivo Dimchev; 9. Alexandra Bachzetsis; 10. Mindaugas sleeping