premiered at Western Front art center, Vancouver, 2013

...my favorite grab from this mixed bag [TBA:Works] was IKira Nova, whose difficult “I will rip your arms off” exists somewhere between theatre, dance and sketch comedy minus the easy laughs. Samuel Hanson, Slug Magazine

Billing herself as a "former Lithuanian clown, academic, and practioner of unproductive gymnastics," she gleefully pokes fun at the heady conceptual nature of performance art, asking the questions we all wish we could ask but general don’t, because we fear they’ll make us look dumb. Really, why is there a box? What does that movement sequence mean? She’s joyfully satirical, she’s critical, she's a beautiful mover (her reed-thin body makes her seem almost a Pixar character), and at least in the first half of I Will Rip Your Arms Off, she’s taking some of the hot air out of the rest of the festival. Kate Holly, Portland Monthly Mag

I WILL RIP YOUR ARMS OFF is a take on sketch comedy that lost its punch line and has been abstracted through dance and free-floating characters. This solo performance knits Nova's former stand-up routines into a journey in which mood swings can replace a personage, where objects dictate what must be done to them, and where people leave behind their peoplehood for a single idiosyncrasy.

Concept & Direction Kira Nova; PerformanceKira Nova with Justin Patterson; Lights Ben Wilson; Outside eye Jessica Mitrani, Michael Portnoy; Curator Jesse Birch; Production Western Front.