produced by de Appel art center, hosted by Frascati theater, Amsterdam, 2010

Alligators! is an evening long performance programme that presents a series of acts drawn from a diverse range of performance backgrounds and strategies, including works by contemporary performance and visual artists. The project is inspired by early forms of popular entertainment ranging from Japanese Kyōgen, and 19th Century British extravaganzas, to Italian avanspettacolo. Meshing different registers of humor the show strives to create a unitary aesthetics and circular narrative by implementing interstitial acts and directing the placement of artists’ contributions.


Concept Kira Nova; Curated & directed by Kira Nova and Michael Portnoy; Performance Daan Allkemade, Silvia Bennette, William Dashwood, Jasper Hupkens, Aleksandra Maciejewska, Kira Nova, Michael Portnoy, Erkka Nissinen, Meri Pajunpää, Karen Roise Kielland, Floortje Rous, Reggie Watts, Miet Warlop Featured artists Christian Jankowski, Erkka Nissinen, Karen Roise Kielland, Miet Warlop, Reggie Watts; Graphic design Goda Budvytytė; Produced by de Appel and hosted byFrascati theatrePICTURE CREDITS (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) 1-5 Kira Nova&Michael Portnoy; 6-9 Miet Warlop; 10-11 Erkka Nissinen; 12 Reggie Watts; 13 Karen Roise Kielland